Enhance Your IT Strategy for 2024 with Managed IT Services in Greenville

As we look to 2024, planning out an IT strategy for the entire year may seem like a far-off thought to business owners. You may be finding that taking time to think about your long-term IT plan – if you have one – needs to take a backseat to the other demands of your organization, especially during the holiday season.

It’s not uncommon for business or IT leaders to be overwhelmed by IT — after all, you wear a lot of hats before thinking about cybersecurity protection. However, we’re here to tell you that it’s no longer an option to ignore your proactive IT strategy.

Why? Because the prevalence of cybersecurity threats is only increasing. By 2026, businesses investing in IT that continuously protect against threats will be three times less likely to suffer a breach. Plus, as technology becomes more central to our everyday lives and with tech literacy expected to be central to everyone’s role, IT will be a major factor in business decisions.

The longer you wait to implement security protections for your business, the more it’ll cost in the future. You may lose the competitive edge or pay high premiums for data recovery. Instead of shelling out exorbitant amounts down the line, let’s discuss how you can enhance your IT strategy today and start 2024 strong.

Implement Advanced Cybersecurity Measures

The question is no longer if a cyber attack will come but when and how. AI has created more potential avenues for cybercrime and cyberattacks are increasing in their sophistication as hackers leverage AI to fool users. In the face of more sophisticated cybercrime, organizations are upping the ante with their cybersecurity measures, including: 

  • Integrating advanced threat detection and response systems
  • Regular security audits
  • Employee training programs to reduce risks

Not sure where to start to upgrade to these cybersecurity solutions? Greenville-based managed IT services in S.C. can provide access to sophisticated tools and expertise. These services can proactively monitor your network for threats and respond quickly to incidents, reducing the potential for data breaches or cyber-attacks.

Tip: As a SOC 2 compliant, MSP Verify certified, and Cyber Verify certified company, our team proudly offers an advanced selection of services that help protect your company.

The hallmark of good security is a layered approach to defense, with solid protection at every level and entry point.
Businesses can stay safe with cost-effective next-generation firewall technology that gives you complete visibility of all users and applications on your network. 

If you want your organization protected around the clock, NOC and SOC services provide constant threat detection. This gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is safe. With a co-managed Greenville-based IT staff on standby, any threats are quickly resolved.

But some managed IT services in Greenville go beyond network defense and threat monitoring. An experienced IT MSSP will provide curated solutions and niche expertise to your business. For example, if they recommend SIEM services, you could have real-time monitoring of your cloud services and networks.

Having this layered approach to cybersecurity also covers your endpoints. With Extended Detection and Response (XDR), you can monitor and fix security issues that arise on endpoints like laptops, tablets, or company-issued phones.

But your IT strategy for 2024 should not just cover cybersecurity – it should also cover the applications your employees will use daily.

Take Full Advantage of Microsoft 365 and Azure

There’s no doubt that cloud-based services are driving the future of IT. 41.1% of leaders are looking to increase their use of cloud-based services as the popularity of multi-cloud models and hybrid models increases in 2024.

Source: Google Cloud Brand Pulse Survey, Q4 2022.
Source: Google Cloud Brand Pulse Survey, Q4 2022.

But which cloud platforms are helpful, without breaking the bank? Microsoft 365 has a plethora of helpful features within its first license tier. While your organization may use Microsoft 365, you might not be aware of everything it can do:

  1. Teams and SharePoint help facilitate real-time collaboration, file sharing, and communication.
  2. Microsoft’s flexible subscription models allow you to easily scale your IT infrastructure up or down as needed.
  3. The Microsoft Secure Score tells you exactly what you are missing in your IT environment – with actual recommendations on how to bridge any gaps. 

Tip: If you need help with Microsoft 365, our team is a Microsoft Gold Partner!

Don’t forget Microsoft Azure

If you don’t use Microsoft Azure, it could be a helpful tool for your team. This cloud-based service brings you high-quality data storage solutions and advanced AI capabilities that can drive innovation. As generative AI continues to dominate the tech landscape and give businesses a competitive edge in 2024, this can be a game changer.

Upgrade your backup and disaster recovery services

While not applicable for every business, having virtual servers instead of on-premise servers is a good strategic investment for 2024. Disaster recovery spending trends reflect the necessity of stronger IT.

More downtime for businesses usually equates to a loss in business. And with the sophistication of cyber-attacks increasing, businesses of all sizes are finding it necessary to invest in backup and disaster recovery to get back online faster.

If you use the cloud, you can save your data in an accessible offsite location so you can get back online in minutes in case of a cyberattack. Plus, with customized backup and disaster recovery solutions, you can get the right level of support for your business.

Consider a Managed (or Co-Managed) IT Partner

Wouldn’t it be great to give your IT team the flexibility to focus on big-ticket items and time-consuming projects while someone else manages everything else? That’s what managed IT does – it frees up your time and energy for yourself as an IT leader. Or, it helps your in-house IT team, who may be stretched beyond their expertise.

Most businesses simply don’t have the resources to cover every aspect of their IT. That’s why embracing a co-managed or managed IT partnership can be a transformative strategy for your business.

How? Because co-managed IT enhances your 2024 strategy because it provides:

  • Additional flexibility
  • Enhanced security
  • Reduced downtime
  • 24/7 support
  • Less burnout for your IT staff 

If you strengthen your 2024 IT strategy with cost-effective expertise and support, you can focus on what you need to get done without worrying about the security of your business.

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Start Your 2024 Strong with Managed IT Services in Greenville

Technology should empower your business, placing you at the edge of innovation and increasing your ability to provide a desirable customer experience in a competitive market.

But we understand that businesses can struggle to see the forest for the trees when it comes to co-managed or managed IT services in Greenville. That’s why we provide them at an accessible cost, taking care of your IT strategy from start to finish so you can focus on what you do best.

Our experts at Fusion bring enterprise-level IT services to business and IT leaders. We are ready to help you enhance your IT strategy by taking advantage of our advanced cybersecurity measures, cloud computing solutions, and co-managed IT options.

Invest in the future of your business and confidently begin the new year with your new partner in IT!

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