IT Services for Associations & Non-Profits

At Fusion Managed IT, we use our expertise to help associations and non-profits fulfill their mission. Our comprehensive IT services blend with your organization’s strategy to give you support and business resilience so you can focus on the good work you do.

We Can Be Your IT Team

As an association or non-profit you will have a constant eye on overheads and must be as economical as possible. Instead of employing staff with ongoing responsibilities, Fusion Managed IT can be contracted to be your IT team

We take care of vital updates, technology maintenance, training, and more. In short, we’re a viable solution that offers IT services for associations and non-profits, including:

Hosted Telephony/ VOIP

We can tailor your telephony needs and voice-overs so your communications meet industry standards. Our services range from smartphones to video conferencing to telephony platforms. If you need to run a major fundraising campaign, we can help you scale fast.

Network Security and Firewalls

As a non-profit or association, it’s important to be aware of potential cybersecurity risks. With mailing lists, sponsors and donors, you want to ensure their personal and financial details are safe. It would help if you also had assurance for your own system.

Fusion Managed IT can help with network security using next-generation firewalls that reduce costs and add extra safety for your system. It also saves you from buying an expensive one-off system, especially when, as a non-profit, you will be watching each dollar you spend.

Advanced Cybersecurity for Insurance and Regulatory Compliance

As a non-profit, you need to keep personal and financial details secure. We’ll help you use the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework to assess risk in your non-profit, so you stay safe and avoid a disastrous data breach. Fusion Managed IT can help with cybersecurity strategies:

  • Fortify for Protection. Scheduled scans reporting on security and compliance.
  • Fortify for Network Security. A complete SIEM service with alerts.
  • Fortify for Endpoint Network Security. An advanced platform monitoring your endpoints and remediates malicious threats.

Office 365 and Cloud Hosting Support

If you are looking to update your association or non-profit systems to Office 365 and are concerned about how you can make it happen in a small organization, we can help. We can offer support with:

  • A smooth 365 or Azure migration, giving you an updated system and stronger security.
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting. If your teams work remotely or in different parts of the world, a secure cloud hosting system enables you to share documents and work collaboratively.
  • Cloud server hosting. If you need reliable backup service for your non-profit, we can help with a secure solution.

Get Started

Are you interested in our IT services for non-profits and associations? Call Fusion Managed IT today to find out how we can help!