How MSP Support Brought Peace of Mind to Anderson Dermatology

“Fusion is always looking for ways to improve our office with personalized solutions. Partnering with Fusion has given us peace of mind knowing that we have somebody to call in an urgent situation and they’ll resolve the issue.”

Valerie Garrison, Office Manager

Anderson Dermatology and Skin Surgery Center provides excellent dermatological care with a wide range of cosmetic procedures to help their patients look and feel their best. They accomplish this by heavily focusing on a great patient experience.

In 2021, Anderson Dermatology recognized that their managed IT provider wasn’t delivering the necessary level of personalized service as a foundation for their desired patient experience. Shortly after drawing this conclusion, the Anderson Dermatology team established a partnership with Fusion Managed IT to receive the high-quality MSP support they needed!

Fusion’s tailored approach directly addressed their commitment to maintaining superior experiences for Anderson Dermatology patients and staff. The solutions included upgraded equipment, improved mobile device management, timely in-person support, along with IT compliance consulting.

They now enjoy peace of mind knowing that their IT operations are in good hands.

Challenges: Inconsistent Support & Poor Response Times

Their previous IT service provider offered inconsistent support and poor response times. Additionally, the service outcomes often differed from what Anderson Dermatology had requested. These challenges compromised the experience Anderson Dermatology aimed to provide both their patients and staff.

“Our previous IT provider had completely lost its personal touch. We didn’t have a go-to person to call for IT support. I felt like just another number.”
– Valerie Garrison, Office Manager

Solutions: Personal IT MSP Support & Ongoing Consultation

Ready to elevate their IT strategy, Anderson Dermatology turned to Fusion. Fusion provided solutions and expertise in five areas:

1. Upgraded Aging Equipment & Systems

Fusion upgraded aging components of Anderson Dermatology’s server and network infrastructure. The new equipment and configurations improved the reliability and responsiveness of on-premises business applications.

Additionally, Fusion worked with Anderson Dermatology to replace their phone system. Through careful consultation and testing during the transition to the new system, Fusion was able to solve several of Anderson Dermatology’s pain points with the prior system. This improved communication between Anderson Dermatology and their patients, especially for phone calls outside of normal business hours.

These efforts not only bolstered their IT capabilities but also enhanced the staff’s efficiency, helping them to provide a better experience to patients.

2. Supported Their Network Infrastructure

Fusion provides and manages network firewalls with ongoing security licensing and firmware upgrades, intrusion prevention, and content filtering. With Fusion constantly monitoring Anderson Dermatology’s internet service provider, local office networks, and Wi-Fi, offices are always online and ready to serve their patients without technological hiccups.

3. Improved Mobile Device Management & Provisioning

Anderson Dermatology staff rely on mobile devices like iPads and laptops to perform daily tasks and provide patient care. Fusion developed new mobile device management and provisioning platforms to improve the speed, consistency, and security of device setups.

Mobile device management provided a simpler, more consistent process for nurses and doctors to register and access their devices, and it gave Anderson Dermatology leadership peace of mind that all devices were configured to align with HIPAA and PCI compliance requirements.

4. Improved MSP Response Times

As a healthcare provider, it is imperative that all software and devices function as expected to promptly serve patients. To facilitate this, Fusion provides access to a team of skilled, in-house technicians to handle Anderson Dermatology’s daily IT help desk needs and guarantee timely IT MSP support.

Consistent help desk experiences and rapid response times ensure that all of their IT needs are addressed promptly and effectively. This allows Anderson Dermatology to focus on what they do best — delivering top-tier dermatology care.

5. Ongoing In-Person IT & Operational Consulting

Working with patients’ medical records requires strict regulation. The Fusion team consults with Anderson Dermatology leadership on an ongoing basis to ensure that their technology and IT operations stay aligned with PCI and HIPAA standards.

“Fusion ensures our compliance with HIPAA and that all the patient information is secure. I communicate with Fusion on an ongoing basis to make sure we are compliant.”
– Valerie Garrison, Office Manager

Results: Tailored MSP Support Empowers Success

With their partnership with Fusion, Anderson Dermatology successfully streamlined their business operations and overcame IT frustrations. With their IT in good hands, Anderson Dermatology now has peace of mind and personalized support. The result: a harmonious blend of technology and care, felt by both staff and patients.

“[Fusion] helps us navigate questions we have about IT compliance. There is so much IT jargon, but I can count on them to help me understand it.”
– Valerie Garrison, Office Manager

Fusion continues to serve Anderson Dermatology to this day with:

  • Providing IT logistics for going live with new offices
  • Completing annual PCI and cyber insurance questionnaires
  • Assisting with the configuration of new IT devices and services to maintain HIPAA compliance

This technical assurance enables the Anderson Dermatology team to excel in patient care, leaving the IT to the experts. Interested in how you can receive enterprise-status MSP support at your organization?
Contact Fusion today!

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