Managed IT Services Greenville Trends to Watch for in 2024

Did you know cybercrime will cost the world over $13 trillion by 2028? With this and other significant IT trends, it should come as no surprise that businesses are still planning on increasing their spending on IT services in 2024. This is partly due to cybercrime impacting small and medium-sized businesses more heavily, costing them a lot of money and hitting businesses that don’t have sufficient infrastructure in place. [Tip: This is where managed IT services in Greenville come in handy.]

Estimated cost of cybercrime worldwide 2017-2028 via Statista
Estimated cost of cybercrime worldwide 2017-2028 via Statista

One driving managed IT services trend is the desire to stay safe from cyberattacks and be resilient when they do happen. Generative AI, new options for cloud infrastructure and usage, and a move towards customer-focused IT are other main trends we are expecting to take off in 2024.
The 2024 State of IT also reports that companies plan to double the use of emerging technologies like edge computing, serverless computing, and AI within the next two years.

We understand that IT can continually be improved upon, and we’re here to let you in on 2024 trends so you can look toward the future of your IT strategy. Let’s dive into the managed IT services trends your business can expect to focus on in 2024.

1. Co-Managed IT Rises in Popularity for SMBs

Expect to see more and more small and medium-sized businesses, or SMBs, taking a co-managed approach to IT in 2024. In this landscape, SMBs are increasingly drawn to solutions that offer the right mix of external support and internal autonomy.

That’s where co-managed IT comes in as a viable solution. Co-managed IT allows external IT companies to work with your employees to provide them with support they aren’t currently receiving. This can look like access to more expertise, more hours to dedicate to IT operations, increased performance, and reduced risk. 

Many SMBs simply don’t have the resources to cover everything related to modern IT, and co-managed (or even 100% managed!) IT is a cost-effective, flexible solution.

2. Cloud Infrastructure Becomes More Complex

Cloud infrastructure is continuing to prove that it’s an invaluable tool for every business, with global spending on it projected to hit 1 trillion in 2024. People and businesses are seeking cloud solutions that provide easy access, tailor-made solutions, and security for 2024. 

Cloud services like Microsoft Office 365, Azure, and other cloud-based services will continue to drive business growth and innovation in 2024, with 85% of businesses using multiple cloud providers for a hybrid or multi-cloud model in 2024. 

Multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud models are examples of ways businesses can pick and choose what services they need and create complex cloud infrastructure to suit their needs with flexibility. Hybrid models support combining cloud solutions with on-site infrastructure, while multi-cloud models allow businesses to tap into the power of more than one cloud server. 

We also expect to see serverless cloud systems and edge computing grow in popularity, bringing data closer to home for more efficient access.

3. Backup and Disaster Recovery Moves Toward the Cloud

Backup as a service (BaaS) doesn’t have to be in the cloud; it can also consist of file backup on-site. However, Greenville IT experts expect that 2024 will see an increasing number of businesses using cloud-based backup and disaster recovery. The global market for disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) alone is poised to grow by 27.44 billion dollars by 2024 over 4 years. 

With industry experts predicting that cloud-based backup and disaster recovery will become increasingly widespread, so now’s the time to get ahead of the trend and transition your physical services to the cloud.

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4. Customer Experience Drives The Growth of VoIP

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, began to dominate the tech industry as an alternative to the landline. Today, the use of landlines has continued to decline in the wake of countless VoIP technologies that 3 billion people use worldwide.

55% of businesses use a mix of phones on-site and VoIP systems – like Microsoft Teams. The shift to hosted telephony services in the workplace was driven 212% by remote work during the pandemic. VoIP isn’t expected to go anywhere, and truthfully, if you’re not using it already, you could be missing out. 

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Unified Communication as a Service

In 2024, managed IT service experts expect to see the UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) trend continue to promote the growth of VoIP. While interest in UCaaS spiked at the start of the pandemic as businesses conducted videoconferencing and calls using VoIP services, that interest has remained high.

Experts predict that remote work and use of VoIP in businesses – even those that have returned to the office or use a hybrid model – will continue. The ability of UCaaS services is expected to improve in 2024 to equip people and businesses to work together seamlessly, even when they’re apart. 

Customer Focus with AI Assistance

Artificial intelligence has a role in customer experience in 2024, too, coming as no surprise to anyone. We’ve already seen the implementation of AI technologies in VoIP services, like AI-generated transcripts of videoconference meetings. 

Our team expects that AI will continue to monitor customer sentiment around VoIP brands, giving VoIP providers real-time insight into what’s working and what isn’t, and allowing VoIP providers to create an optimal customer experience. 

5. Long-Term Strategy Focuses on Cyber Resilience

Cyber resilience has become a long-term priority in recent years as more businesses realize there is no way to prevent all attacks. 2024 will be no different in this regard. While cybersecurity is a vital facet of a long-term IT strategy, having a documented process that supports a quick return from a cyberattack is just as important. 

The zero-trust model supports that nowhere in a network can be assumed safe. Zero-trust explains why you must complete a multi-factor authentication process whenever you log in at work. 

2024 will bring this holistic zero-trust model to the forefront as more people continue to work remotely and businesses work with outside partners, making their networks even more susceptible to attacks. As we enter into an age of continuous remote work with partners across the globe, cyber resilience becomes more and more critical.

Find the Technology Solutions That Support Your Business

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