The Real Value of Cybersecurity Managed Services:
7 Benefits

Cyberattacks are continually evolving, making it challenging for companies to keep a step ahead of threats. In the past it appeared that only major corporations were being targeted. But now security reports highlight an increase in cyberattacks on small to medium businesses (SMBs). In 2021, 60% of SMBs said they were victimized by a cyberattack!

One of the reasons that smaller businesses are being targeted is that larger companies have stepped up their security efforts. This is making it harder for cybercriminals to make headway in gaining access to company data and systems. Threat actors are now going after smaller companies because they know these don’t have the same resources. 

While SMB’s may have basic security infrastructure in place, threat actors know they are more likely to find vulnerabilities to exploit. This highlights the real value for SMBs to have cybersecurity managed services. Where a large company may have their own security team, a smaller company usually only has an IT team (or one person!) which is tasked with overseeing security as well.


Table From 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report | Verizon

This is a challenging task to keep ahead of all possible vulnerabilities with limited resources. Especially in a business environment where threats evolve daily. In this article, we explore how cybersecurity managed services help SMBs gain a stronger security posture.

Benefits of Cybersecurity Managed Services: 

1. Knowing how to respond to risks

One of the biggest risks in cybersecurity is not knowing what you don’t know. This is where the expertise of a managed security service provider (MSSP) can be invaluable. With their exposure to dealing with risks on a daily basis, they have a better understanding of what forms attacks might take within specific industries. 

Risks are not always obvious and can’t always be contained by a firewall. In addition, MSSPs can guide your employees in responding to an attack. This includes reporting and compliance requirements should a breach occur that impacts customers. 

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2. Better Security with Lower Costs:

SMBs are more vulnerable because most can’t afford to invest in the same level of cybersecurity as larger corporations. Having a full-time security team is expensive to maintain when considering hiring and training costs. There’s also a limit to the amount invested in security software and hardware. The efficiency gained by outsourcing translates into lower costs and helps boost business productivity.

Making use of a managed service provider enables leaders to improve their security by having access to up to date cybersecurity expertise and resources. This expertise can more accurately identify vulnerabilities and formulate responses. 

When a threat occurs, an MSSP is more knowledgeable and can respond in a way that reduces the risk and impact to the company.

3. Security Tailored to Changing Business Needs:

There is flexibility with cybersecurity managed services, enabling SMBs to add to their resources as the business grows. Managed security service providers have a better understanding of the complexities that arise as you scale, and can update security requirements as and when they’re needed – without breaking the bank.

4. Broader Understanding of Possible Risks

Because MSSPs work across multiple industries, they are exposed to working with a greater number of threats. They have a better understanding of the risks and where vulnerabilities can occur. 

With leaders primarily focused on their daily operations, this is all too easy to overlook. Cybersecurity managed services can bridge the gap and help organizations reduce the risks they’re exposed to.

5. Cybersecurity is Never “Done”

The challenge with cybersecurity is that as soon as one vulnerability is identified and plugged, threat actors work to find another. A strong security posture requires constant updates and monitoring. 

For smaller organizations, this can be hard to achieve in-house. This is why they outsource this using cybersecurity managed services offerings. MSSPs are better equipped for 24/7 monitoring and have the additional benefit of having up to date threat intelligence.

6. Access to more advanced technologies

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our team has access to advanced technologies that can help better identify and manage risks that SMBs are exposed to. This is a benefit to smaller companies that may not be able to afford such advanced tools and technologies. It helps SMBs strengthen their security posture with advanced technologies without the higher associated costs.

7. Security and compliance

As the world turns more digital, companies collect vast volumes of data. As a result of this higher collection, storage and use of data is becoming more regulated in an effort to improve privacy. These regulations can differ between states, regions and countries, and it can be challenging to keep up to date on them.

Because they’re working with security and compliance related issues on a daily basis, MSSPs offer a working knowledge of compliance regulations relating to cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Managed Services Means Less Headaches & Risks

In these uncertain economic times, business leaders have their hands full trying to achieve growth and gain a competitive advantage. Diverting resources to cybersecurity when it’s not an area of your team’s expertise can have its downsides. For example, it can stretch your IT budget and internal bandwidth.

Yet cybersecurity support is not an area of business that can be ignored. The risk to business is simply too high. Most small businesses that have been targeted by cybercriminals have struggled to recover. 

The solution lies in leveraging the expertise, knowledge and technology resources of cybersecurity managed services. This enables leaders to focus on their core business and concentrate on strategic business goals without increasing their risk. 

By partnering with an IT MSSP, small business leaders can gain a better understanding of the risks they’re exposed to while having the support in how to deal with them. 

Whether it’s having an MSSP as your IT security team or having them support your existing team with additional resources, it’s a more effective way to reduce risk and improve security. It enables you to focus on what you do know – building your business – while securing its future against known and unknown risks. 

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