Advanced Ceramic Coatings:
How Fusion’s Greenville IT Services Became a Lifeline

“They’re a great group and have been my IT lifeline. I rely on Fusion heavily; when something comes up, I feel comfortable calling them directly.”

– Stephanie Daley, Former Chief Financial Officer at Advanced Ceramic Coatings

Advanced Ceramic Coatings (ACC) is a joint venture that supports the ready-to-engine airfoil application industry. Given the contracts and clients they support, it is vital for their business to maintain IT security posture, government compliance, and risk management.

In 2021, ACC was experiencing challenges with their IT infrastructure and operations. ACC had successfully partnered with Fusion for a limited scope of IT services prior to that time, so they chose to expand that relationship to help overcome these challenges. These included:

  • Risk management
  • Government compliance
  • Loss of knowledge due to IT turnover
  • Maintaining IT confidence

“Fusion has been great at turning complex compliance jargon into understandable terms, and then helping me decide the best course of action for covering any gaps.”

As a result of the expanded partnership, Fusion was able to provide monumental value to ACC by:

  • Facilitating FedRAMP and CMMC government compliance with new technical controls and disaster recovery policies.
  • Acting as a trusted IT consultant and turning complex audit requirements into easy-to-understand action items.
  • Modernizing ACC’s server and network infrastructure to improve uptime and mitigate risk.
  • Developing and migrating services to Microsoft 365 and Azure to streamline communications and better enable remote employees.

Interested in learning how Fusion’s experts can help you stay compliant while also lowering your business’ risk? Read about our Greenville IT services to see what our team can do for you!

“Any kind of desktop or IT support that was needed, I could rely on Fusion to get it done. They always handle the response time very well.”

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