IT for Financial Services

Your industry relies on technology as a differentiator that attracts clients and maintains a dependable reputation. 

When it comes to banking, payment processing, accounting, insurance, real estate, and all other financial industries, Fusion Managed IT offers IT for financial services that provides you with the reliable, compliant operations that you, your customers, and your stakeholders can be confident in.

Managed IT Services


Fusion Managed IT offers managed services that will elevate your current technology and your organization’s growth plans. We will partner with you to help decide how best to protect customer data, streamline services, and keep systems efficient for your employees. 

Our team will work hard to keep your services up to date and running smoothly. Neither you nor your customers will have to worry about IT issues slowing down important financial transactions.

Cloud Services


Keep important forms, customer data, accounts, and property information secure in the cloud. As a certified Microsoft Cloud Solutions partner, Fusion Managed IT will help you establish a database that each member of your staff can access to provide customers with the safest, most convenient experience possible.

Reduce the risk of hardware issues and wasted time managing several applications by having client information accessible from one reliable platform by multiple staff. Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting will support the secure collection and distribution of transactional, regulatory, customer and market data to help your business thrive.

Network and Cyber Security


Protection of financial data is crucial. If your organization doesn’t safeguard against cyberattacks and security breaches, customer trust and company safety are compromised. Data breaches and other security mistakes are costly in any industry, but in financial services the stakes are higher.

Let Fusion Managed IT provide the peace of mind that a 24x7x365 Security Operations Center, a layered approach to security, and advanced cybersecurity for insurance and regulatory compliance provide.

Backup and Disaster Recovery


Fusion Managed IT’s backup and disaster recovery services ensure that your customers never lose their high-priority financial information. We’ll provide an IT crisis plan for your bank, investment company, insurance company, or real estate firm in the event of a major cyberattack, IT failure, or natural disaster. 

Give your customers the comfort of knowing you have a plan in place to protect their information and assets at all costs. Our 24x7x365 Network Operations Center allows our team to safeguard your high-priority data and restore operations quickly and seamlessly.

VoIP and Hosted Telephony


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) utilizes an internet connection rather than a phone line for desk phones, smart phone, fax solutions, video conferencing, texting, and more. Your financial business won’t be tied down to a few phones or poor service when financial emergency strikes and your clients need to get a hold of you at a moment’s notice.


Partner with Fusion Managed IT to establish a predictable, sustainable IT environment that your financial business can rely on. Contact us today to combine our expertise with yours in support of your thriving financial organization. Let our IT for financial services take your operations to the next level!