How IT Companies in South Carolina Are Empowering Businesses

The past half-decade has had American small businesses wrestling with a turbulent economy. They have contended with everything from the COVID-19 pandemic’s disruptions, human resource deficits, and inflation.

Yet in the face of these obstacles a silver lining has emerged. The critical role of technology has been revealed. These digital tools along with supportive IT companies have become a lifeline for these businesses.

Such adaptability is not an isolated occurrence, nor is it confined within a specific geographical area. After the pandemic, businesses nationwide realized the necessity of staying ahead of the curve. IT companies in South Carolina have stepped up to fill this need and empower businesses.

“Funding for digital initiatives has increased more than anything else—more than increases in costs, the number of people in technology roles, and the number of customers.”

– McKinsey Global Survey of Executives During COVID-19, 2020

The growing symbiosis between IT experts and businesses of all shapes and sizes underscores the essential place that technology now holdsTo stay competitive, businesses are relying on IT partners to help fill their operational gaps, train their workforce, and digitize their infrastructure.

The IT-Business Nexus: Supporting Various Business Needs

In South Carolina, IT firms are not merely service providers; they are enablers of business operations. When you think of IT support you might imagine an IT help desk worker answering calls. While that is part of it, there are many other functions that IT performs.

They teach your team the latest cybersecurity risk factors, boost productivity, and explain what platforms your team really needs.

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This equips your business to focus on their high-value projects while leaving the technical concerns to the experts. By providing support in these areas, outsourced IT teams have become integral to daily operations:

But these aren’t the only ways to leverage tech experts. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that 83% of small businesses plan to increase their use of technology. Below is a sample of what they found businesses are using IT for:

SourceThe Impact of Technology on U.S. Small Businesses – 2022

By leveraging technology, businesses can connect their team members, improve your customer experience, and streamline internal workflows. It’s no wonder that 87% of small businesses believe technology has helped them grow in challenging conditions!

A real-world example of this can be seen in a local South Carolina business that partnered with our IT company. With over 30+ locations, their employee and client communications were inconsistent. With the help of Fusion, they implemented a hosted telephony platform and Microsoft 365.

[Tech24] grew 250% in the last two and a half years. Without Fusion’s expert IT services and support this would have been very difficult.”

–Jeff Childers, Chief Information Officer at Tech24

Bridging the Skills Gap: Workforce Development and IT

Finding the right skills to navigate the complex world of technology can be a formidable challenge. Once your immediate business needs are met, an IT team can help train your employees and even act as your IT team.

While the demand for IT expertise soars, many businesses grapple with a labor shortage, especially when it comes to skilled personnel. It doesn’t help that 81% of CIOs plan to increase their IT headcount in 2023, yet 41% of them report slow hiring for these IT roles.

This shortfall, often referred to as the ‘skills gap,’ poses a hurdle for businesses who want to join their digital competitors.

“Enterprises have undertaken various digital initiatives over the past two years, with operational excellence and customer or citizen experience being the most popular…[But] Recruiting the right IT expertise takes time and planning.”

– Jose Ramirez, Sr Principal Analyst at Gartner

The demand for IT skills isn’t a fleeting trend; it’s a longstanding shift reflecting the increased integration of technology into business. Whether it’s how to approach new cybersecurity threats or migrate your data to Microsoft 365, there is never an end to questions.

South Carolina IT companies play an indispensable role here. These companies provide a valuable solution to the skills gap by offering IT professionals who can fill your skill gaps. Plus, they serve businesses not just within our state borders but extend their expertise across the country.

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Future Outlook: The Impact of IT Companies in South Carolina & Beyond

When it came to navigating through the COVID-19 epidemic, small businesses recognized that technology platforms helped their business get the most from their employees working remotely.

The lessons learned from this experience have forever changed the way businesses perceive and use technology. The flexibility and resilience offered by tech is no longer regarded as an optional extra, but as a modern requirement.

As we venture into uncertain economic times, the partnership between businesses and IT services is set to become more crucial than ever. With IT companies, businesses can:

  • Navigate unpredictable industry trends
  • Standardize their operations 
  • Maintain a competitive edge
  • Gain new IT skills and a flexible IT team
  • And most importantly, grow!

In the new normal of business, being technologically adept is not just about surviving – it’s about thriving. Want to upgrade your business’ digital infrastructure, but you’re not sure where to start? Learn more about how our team of IT experts can help grow your business today!

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