Tech24: How South Carolina IT Support Enabled 250% Growth

“[Tech24] grew 250% in the last two and a half years. Without Fusion’s expert IT services and support this would have been very difficult.”
Jeff Childers, Chief Information Officer at Tech24


Tech24 is a national commercial food service and equipment maintenance repair company with over thirty locations. When a Tech24 client urgently needs a repair, reliable and capable IT systems are the lifeblood of technician dispatch. In 2017, Tech24 made the decision to further optimize operations by streamlining their customer service experience and modernizing their technology.

As Tech24 CIO Jeff Childers began searching for a solution, he remembered his positive experience partnering with Fusion for South Carolina IT support services at a prior company. Fusion intently listened to Tech24’s unique pain points and business needs, collaborated with industry-leading solutions providers, and then architected an optimized solution to achieve Tech24’s goals.

Working together with Tech24’s internal IT team, Fusion proposed a plan to migrate the on-premise phone system for each branch to a modern cloud-based hosted telephony platform. Tech24’s call center and distributed dispatch teams necessitated robust features and call flow logic to manage the growing number of client requests.

After concluding a successful on-time and on-budget phone system migration, Tech24 expanded their relationship as a trusted Fusion partner by making them their Microsoft 365 Cloud Solutions Provider. As Tech24 incorporates new branches into their ecosystem, Fusion delivers phone systems and Microsoft 365 migrations as an additional value-added service.

Through the delivery of an optimized, modern and full-featured phone system, Microsoft 365 enablement, and turnkey migration projects, Fusion has helped Tech24 achieve 250% growth in the last two years!

Challenges: Siloed Phone Systems & Customer Communications

Tech24 was experiencing the disorganization of their three isolated and outdated on-premise phone systems and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) logic for their 30+ locations. The separate systems prevented a consistent and streamlined experience for customer and employee communications. In addition, run costs were significantly different for each phone system, requiring a pricey consultant to make bi-weekly changes.

These challenges impacted Tech24’s customer experience and resulted in expensive and unpredictable bills. To further scale their services, they needed an IT partner to implement and maintain a robust and optimized telephony platform.

Solution: One Platform for all Call Routing and Customer Emails

Hosted Telephony Migration

Tech24 partnered with the Fusion team to implement a full-featured hosted telephony platform, which was able to solve several complex communications challenges.

Several notable components of the final solution included:

  • A single point of entry for all customer and cross-company communications that is capable of dynamically routing callers to the correct regional dispatch team for the specific physical address requiring service.
  • An integration that allows the Tech24 call center to track and manage both inbound customer calls and emails.
  • Zero-touch provisioning of physical phones to allow for rapid deployment.
  • Cloud-based technology that eliminates the necessity to purchase and upgrade on-premise hardware.

When comparing solutions from both IT providers and working directly with VoIP carriers, Fusion’s value proposition stood out – a capable platform, a highly competitive rate per line, as well as superior customer service.

“We could have gone directly to a service provider, but having Fusion there to help on the harder problems has been very beneficial for us.”

In preparation for the migration, Fusion worked with each location to verify a ready state (i.e., network test completed, physical phones provisioned and onsite, system training communicated, and maintenance windows coordinated), and then executed each cutover in the pre-planned time frame. Detailed preparation led to a successful migration without disrupting Tech24’s customer experience.

“Fusion made everything an easy process. Six years later and we still have very few problems with our system.”

Microsoft 365 and Telephony Integration Projects for Acquisitions

Tech24’s strategic acquisitions of similar-serviced local companies has played a significant role in their impressive growth.

In order to help manage technology adoption as part of each acquisition, Tech24 relies in part on Fusion’s professional services team. Fusion delivers each Microsoft 365 and telephony integration project in support of Tech24’s internal IT team, freeing up their capacity to focus on other critical tasks.

Task sourcing critical IT projects to Fusion has helped Tech24 to expand their reach into new markets and regions around the country.

Results: Measurable Business Growth with Help of IT Support Services

By embracing state-of-the-art technology, such as a cloud-based voice over IP (VoIP) phone system and the Microsoft 365 platform, Tech24 has been able to scale their operations and better serve their customers.

“I’m extremely happy with our Fusion relationship. I trust their highly responsive and competent team. They understand our business needs, and they’ve given us solutions that work within our budget and meet our needs.”

Interested in how Fusion’s experts can help you grow your business or better serve your customers? Learn more about our South Carolina IT support services to see what our managed IT experts can do for you!

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