BDV Solutions: Standardized Communications & Greenville IT Security

“I really enjoy working with Fusion, I’ve gotten a lot smarter working alongside them. Fusion was crucial to putting processes into place that made adding team members, acquisitions, and growing easier.”

– McFadyen Anderson, Chief of Staff at BDV Solutions in Greenville, South Carolina


BDV Solutions is the largest provider of EB-3 employee sponsor consulting and case management services in the United States. They focus on entry-level labor solutions for U.S. businesses.

In March 2021, BDV was experiencing growing pains. They were providing excellent talent sourcing, but needed the internal standardization of technology to support their resulting growth. After several interviews with IT providers, BDV Solutions partnered with Fusion Managed IT.

To help BDV scale their process of connecting employers with green card workers, Fusion focused on:

  1. Unifying their internal communications
  2. Fortifying their security posture
  3. Consulting on their business strategy and its relation to technology
  4. Providing daily Greenville IT support

After their communications were streamlined and data secured, BDV was in the best position to grow from a handful of employees to dozens. 


To scale their acquisition process and bring more unique talent from all around the world to their clients, BDV Solutions needed a strong technology foundation. 

“When I joined BDV, we didn’t have an IT team. Partnering with Fusion was very important to free up internal resources and grow the business.”

But they needed more than a regular IT help desk role. They needed a Greenville IT partner who would understand their business needs and act as an IT consultant once their initial needs were met.

Solutions: Unified Communications & Ongoing Strategy

The number one priority for BDV Solutions was getting their baseline technology up and running. Fusion worked with BDV to design an Office 365 implementation that centralized and organized files while streamlining communications. 

After a few months, Fusion also implemented a cloud-based phone platform for their offices and remote employees. These changes allowed BDV to find employer sponsors and work with government officials no matter where they worked.

“When a business grows from a few employees to dozens, an IT partner helps you work efficiently and do things right.”

Proactive security & compliance

With that complete, BDV was ready to focus on ramping up their security posture. There were several elements in this project, such as:

  • Implementing a routine security awareness training program: BDV employees receive training and fake phishing emails throughout the year. The module has a central dashboard to monitor who has completed training and other data.
  • Ensuring BDV maintains compliance with proper workflows and tools.
  • Rolling out a tech stack that includes Extended Detection and Response (XDR) and Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) solutions: XDR monitors for and responds to cyber threats on BDV’s devices, and SIEM provides real-time alerting and analytics for all of BDV’s information and communication systems.

With these solutions, BDV had unified training and computer management security tools to reduce risk and ensure compliance as they scale.

Aligning business & IT strategy

With the basic foundation finished, BDV pivoted to proactively including IT in their business strategy. Fusion further worked with BDV to:

  • Implement Office 365 backups: The backups help ensure that if data is lost, BDV’s operations would not be at risk, as they can quickly restore data from the backup. 
  • Serve as an IT consultant to explain technical issues and solutions: After partnering with Fusion, BDV had clear direction on what tech was sustainable and scalable to help shape their business strategy.
  • Provide daily end user support with any IT support requests: Because BDV supports employers and immigrants around the globe, they need 24/7 IT support.

“Scaling would have been a much more painful process without Fusion. I don’t even know how feasible our growth would have been without their help.”

Results: Standardized Operations to Scale

BDV Solutions started with less than a dozen employees. After partnering with Fusion, they were ready to scale their operations. BDV solutions has now quadrupled in size – and they have the technology to support their team, their sponsoring business, and their applicants.

“IT is never done. It’s always about finding the next thing that you want to improve on.”

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