Why IT Managed Service Providers are Essential for Growth

Not too long ago, IT was often seen as a support function – that helpful neighbor you called when your computer wouldn’t turn on or you couldn’t get PowerPoint to load. They were essential to business but not considered part of the strategic core.

This reality has now shifted. Proactive leaders understand that utilizing advanced technology is vital to staying competitive and scalable. The numbers back this up, with companies expected to spend over $5 trillion on IT managed services in 2024. This marks a shift towards viewing IT service providers not just as external support, but as integral partners.

The best IT service providers bring the necessary expertise and resources to help companies adapt their technology in line with expansion plans. With the right partner, businesses ensure not only immediate success but long-term adaptability to ongoing technology and market shifts.

Let’s celebrate National IT Service Provider Day by closely examining the role that IT service providers play in business ecosystems. 

The Importance of Scalable IT Infrastructure for Business Growth

Think of scalable IT infrastructure as an engine that drives growth and directly fuels business expansion by allowing companies to adjust their capabilities. It’s easier to embrace new opportunities without the constraints of outdated technology.

A business poised for growth anticipates change and scales accordingly. A scalable IT infrastructure ensures that growth never outpaces your technology.

Good IT service providers are still the tech wizards you’ve always known, but now they can offer you a strategic advantage at every step of your business plan. Remember when you jumped from a floppy disk to a flash drive? And then from a flash drive to cloud storage? That’s what the right IT service provider can enable your entire business to do with modern platforms like Microsoft 365. Good IT service, however, is not limited to avoiding technology hiccups but also about setting a foundation for sustained growth in the future.

When we partnered with Anderson Dermatology, for example, we created a tailored approach for their exact needs. The customized plan included upgrading equipment, improving mobile device management, and offering timely in-person support and IT compliance consulting. Their team stopped worrying about technology and could focus on their mission: providing the best service possible for their patients.

The success story of Anderson Dermatology is an example of how scalable IT solutions not only overcome immediate tech hurdles, but build a future-proof business.

“Good IT outsourcing businesses are always upping their game in terms of the latest products and trends, and, in turn, these are passed onto you at a fraction of the cost. Your uptime is guaranteed, and user issues that cost you in productivity are immediately resolved by an entire team of experts who aren’t even on your payroll.”


Common IT Pitfalls Our Experts See

In the pursuit of growth, businesses sometimes overlook crucial aspects of their IT infrastructure. This leads to setbacks that could easily have been avoided.

One of these overlooked aspects is the real value of security. In a world where phishing scams are rising and cost companies over $50 million last year, cybersecurity is not something to be ignored. Would you leave a filing cabinet (or digital folder!) with all of your employee’s personal information unlocked? Don’t assume your current cybersecurity measures can handle the growth of your company.

Another frequent oversight is that companies fail to plan for long-term scalability. This is akin to planning a road trip with a map that only shows the first ten miles; businesses often push their current IT infrastructure to the limit, hoping it will hold up as they grow.

As the business grows, the initial IT infrastructure, which was adequate at the outset, becomes outdated, vulnerable to cyberattacks, and overwhelmed. This is also true for the team that handles the processes, who may lag behind or become prone to errors.

A managed IT service provider can offer proactive scalability planning to lift this burden, assess the current infrastructure, and anticipate future needs. This ensures systems are not just responsive, but resilient.

With a quality IT services partner, these potential hiccups would be proactively mitigated. Look at what happened when Fusion expanded its partnership with Advanced Ceramic Coatings, a company in the ready-to-engine airfoil industry. We helped them navigate the world of risk management and government compliance. Our partnership showcases how tailored IT solutions transform potential pitfalls into strategic advantages.

“They’re a great group and have been my IT lifeline. I rely on Fusion heavily; when something comes up, I feel comfortable calling them directly.”

– Stephanie Daley, Former Chief Financial Officer at Advanced Ceramic Coatings

The Role of IT Service Providers in Facilitating Business Growth

IT service providers can equip businesses with the expertise, resources, and strategic planning necessary to scale their IT infrastructure effectively.

Let’s examine Fusion’s partnership with BDV Solutions, the largest provider of EB-3 employee sponsor consulting and case management services in the United States. Back in 2021, the company was providing excellent service and talent services, but was consistently held back by their technology. They sourced talent from all over the world – meaning they needed efficient communication, a high level of security, and compliance with various regulations.

Our team sat down with theirs and created a tailored solution. One of our focuses was to standardize operations through centralized Microsoft 365 implementation.We provided security training programs and installed compliance workflows, fostering an environment that could focus on scale.

Partnering with Fusion enabled BDV solutions to quadruple in size. This growth was not just a product of immediate solutions, but a result of strategic planning for future challenges and opportunities.

“I really enjoy working with Fusion, I’ve gotten a lot smarter working alongside them. Fusion was crucial to putting processes into place that made adding team members, acquisitions, and growing easier.”

McFadyen Anderson, Chief of Staff at BDV Solutions in Greenville, South Carolina

Another example is Fusion’s partnership with Tech24, a national commercial food service and equipment repair company with over 30 locations. Near-instant communication is fundamental to their business. Given this reality, a reliable and capable IT system is a necessity.

When they chose Fusion as their IT managed service, we listened to their specific pain points and business needs. We migrated their on-premise phone system for each branch to a modern cloud-based hosted telephony platform.

After installation, the new system solved several complex communication challenges – and that resulted in Tech24 experiencing 250% growth. Beyond numerical growth, our collaboration with Tech24 enhanced their operational efficiency and customer service.

“I’m extremely happy with our Fusion relationship. I trust their highly responsive and competent team. They understand our business needs, and they’ve given us solutions that work within our budget and meet our needs.”

Jeff Childers, Chief Information Officer at Tech24

Get to Know Fusion, Your Dedicated IT Managed Service Partner

We don’t need an IT-themed holiday to illustrate the vital role of IT managed service in business growth. Scalable IT infrastructure, strategic foresight, and a partnership-oriented approach underscores how IT managed services are a catalyst for expansion and innovation.

Through customized solutions and proactive planning, Fusion ensures businesses are supported through today’s challenges while prepared for tomorrow’s opportunities.

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