Top Cost-Saving Benefits of a Managed Service Provider in Greenville, SC

As we further enter a digital-first era, more business leaders are prioritizing technology as a way to advance their business. However, only some are seeing the results they want. Even if tech is a vital part of your business strategy, you may fall short when it comes to having experienced IT employees on hand. If you do have a small IT team, they may be overloaded with high-priority tasks and could use a hand, but maybe they don’t have enough projects to hire an entirely new person.

In either situation, failing to implement an up-to-date IT infrastructure could cause more costs down the road. With 75% of security professionals reporting increased cyberattacks in the last year, reactive IT strategies only put you at risk for losses.

So what can you do to stay under budget? Managed service providers in Greenville, S.C. can help proactively reduce your IT costs – whether you have in-house IT experts or not. Let’s dive into how IT support might benefit you. 

1. A Managed Service Provider Can Reduce Operational Costs

Managed service providers often bring modern software and cloud providers to the table. Not only do you gain additional operational capabilities, but you also gain deals on licenses and customizability for tools like Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure.

More and more businesses are adopting Microsoft 365 as it lets your workforce communicate from anywhere in the world. Not only does the use of Microsoft 365 foster a more productive  workplace, but it also cuts licensing costs by more than 60% per user.

Top Cost-Saving Benefits of Having a Managed Service Provider Optimize Your Microsoft 365 Environment - via Forrester
Top Cost-Saving Benefits of Having a Managed Service Provider Optimize Your Microsoft 365 Environment - via Forrester

Don’t forget the benefits of Microsoft Azure. Unlike Microsoft 365, it isn’t just a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product. Azure is a cloud-based infrastructure platform, giving it a range of capabilities.

Having a managed service provider optimize your Azure environment can increase efficiency by:

  • Providing your business with more digital storage
  • Reducing the amount of costly hardware you purchase while providing you with more computing power
  • Analyzing large volumes of data
  • Sharing sensitive data with Azure’s data protection, allowing you to define who can see what
  • Backing up all of your data in case of a cyberattack

If you use a managed service provider in Greenville, S.C. for your IT or IT team assistance, they can give you full access to a modern cloud infrastructure. These are inherently cost-effective;
84% of businesses that adopt cloud technology see reduced costs!

Deloitte: Tech budgets increase in 2024

2. Protect Your Business From Costly Cyberattacks

The average cost of a data breach in the U.S. is $9.44 million, with the long-term financial impacts encompassing lost revenue, legal fees, audit fees, and even ransom payments. Against the backdrop of costly data breaches happening to major companies like T-Mobile ($350 million), a business without any protections could be left vulnerable.

With an experienced IT provider who can assess your IT strategy, you don’t have to worry about if you’ll be next. Even as cybercrime rises, studies show that adopting an integrated IT strategy can effectively stop 37.8% of data breaches.

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3. Grow Your Business with a Long-Term IT Strategy

When you partner with a Greenville IT company, you’re setting yourself up for success in the present and ensuring your company’s future. As long-term planning becomes vital to integrated IT strategies in 2024, finding a provider that can scale with your business (and IT team) is critical.

Consider Anderson Dermatology, a Greenville-based healthcare provider. Partnering with a local managed IT provider helped them address their needs and drive growth. Their new outsourced IT team implemented five significant changes as a part of their new long-term IT strategy:

  1. Upgraded outdated equipment
  2. They dedicated 24/7 service to their network infrastructure
  3. Improved mobile device speed, consistency, and security for a better workflow
  4. Provided 24/7 help desk support and in-house technicians
  5. Ensured ongoing operational consulting to ensure Anderson’s technology is aligned with HIPAA requirements

Anderson Dermatology is now ready for the future and able to focus on the day-to-day business of running a medical practice. It’s not just Anderson Dermatology that feels more prepared for the future by adopting new technologies.

Business leaders are putting their tech budgets toward cybersecurity measures, modernization, and cloud technology to protect themselves and cut costs. Failure to modernize – including not migrating to the cloud – can come at a high cost for businesses with expensive, outdated legacy hardware.

Deloitte: Tech investments with the most impact over the last two years

70% of business leaders now view technical debt as the biggest obstacle to maximum productivity. To move into a future defined by sustained business growth, business leaders must invest in holistic IT solutions (like a managed provider) that will meet their needs even as technology changes.

Invest in Your Future with a Managed Service Provider in Greenville, S.C.

With a managed service provider partnership, you will save on time and stress. If you’re ready to improve workplace productivity, help your overloaded IT team, cut IT costs, and proactively prepare for cybercrime, it might be time to look at an IT service provider.

With a managed service provider in South Carolina, you can start planning for your future today. But with so many options available to choose from, where can you start looking?

Fusion Managed IT offers enterprise-level IT solutions at an affordable cost, ensuring that you can focus on running your business or other IT projects. Are you ready to enjoy peace of mind when it comes to IT? Learn more about how we can help you or your IT team.

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