Why Should Leaders Consider Managed IT Services in Greenville?

Every company is now a tech company. Technology is integral to our everyday lives. Information and business intelligence are crucial for business success. These realities are just a few reasons why solidified and capable IT infrastructure and support are more critical than ever to the success of your business.

Data management and cloud computing solutions are becoming more complex, increasing the demand for specialized IT skills. This will heighten the challenge businesses face as IT turnover rates increase to 50% in 2024. Businesses may find themselves stretched thin and without adequate IT support, leaving them unprepared.

If any of this sounds familiar, managed IT services can be the game-changer you need. By delegating IT responsibilities to a partner team, businesses can relieve employee burnout and avoid siloed knowledge. Managed IT experts help your team focus on their core responsibilities and thrive.

If you’re unsure about bringing outsourced help in, we want to help you understand exactly how managed and co-managed IT teams help. That’s why we’ve created this article to outline the benefits of choosing managed IT services in Greenville, S.C., or elsewhere.

The Benefits of Managed IT for Businesses Who Don’t Have IT Support

You may understand how to create and manage user accounts for emails, but you may be unsure what to do when your database is hacked. A lack of specialized IT experts leaves your business vulnerable.

That’s where managed services come in. Managed services delivered by a team of experts fills your organization’s knowledge gaps. Business leaders and office managers can then reclaim time to dedicate to their core job responsibilities.

Consider BDV Solutions, a Greenville-based business specializing in entry-level labor solutions. In 2021 they grew rapidly due to their excellent talent-sourcing capabilities. One piece was missing, however: standardized technology for their company. They partnered with a managed services partner (Fusion) to streamline their IT landscape and communications with a Microsoft 365 implementation and a cloud-based phone platform.

Learn more about how we helped their team in this case study. Keep in mind that a partnership with a managed IT company will look different from business to business. Everyone will need a different version of this flexible, cost-effective solution that’s designed to grow with your business.

Not sure where to start with your security? Check out this free guide on the most pressing cybersecurity challenges with actionable solutions.

The Benefits of Co-Managed IT for Busy IT Teams

When you work with a co-managed IT partner in Greenville or other areas, your IT team will work alongside experts to ensure total IT coverage. You can enjoy the benefits of having an experienced company manage your IT solutions while retaining control over your data.

24x7x365 Network Operations Center

Potential security risk arises when your organization’s network isn’t monitored and maintained. High-level co-managed partners will monitor your network with a 24x7x365 Network Operations Center. They watch the health of your network around the clock and perform any necessary maintenance to ensure IT systems run smoothly.

Your IT partner can help you transfer to more secure platforms, enhance your data storage, and keep your network running quickly and safely.

“Up to 70% of technology leaders view technical debt [and maintenance] as a hindrance to their organization’s ability to innovate and the No. 1 cause of productivity loss.”


Proactive Cyber Protection

A co-managed IT partner also enhances your cybersecurity and cyber resilience measures. This helps you to fend off cyberattacks and bounce back quickly if attackers are successful. The best co-managed IT partners can do this with 24x7x365 Security Operations Centers (SOC) that are backed by Extended Detection & Response (XDR) and SIEM technologies.

A 24x7x365 SOC allows a co-managed IT partner to monitor and respond to cyber threats around the clock in real-time, while IT leaders focus on high-value projects.

Your IT partner can also strengthen your cybersecurity through:

  • Security Awareness Training (SAT): Company-wide cyber threat awareness and end-user training, including phishing simulation campaigns to validate end-user preparedness.
  • Email Security: Enhance email security by implementing protections against SPAM, phishing, and social engineering, including link and document scanning/blocking

Cyber Incident Response Services

What happens if a cyber attack is successful? A co-managed IT partner can give you peace of mind with comprehensive cyber incident response services. Your outsourced IT partner will investigate the incident and implement a remediation plan based on the findings.

They’ll document what they find, which may include root causes, any systems compromised, and activity related to the breach. In the wake of the attack, ongoing support is provided as your co-managed partner works to mitigate future risk.

A co-managed IT partner also offers cloud-compatible backup and data recovery services, with support that includes:

  • File backup
  • Offsite data storage
  • Failover virtualization

You can focus on doing what you do best with a co-managed IT partner without worrying about cyber threats impacting your operations.

Strategic Consultation Services

Co-managed IT partners can go beyond daily IT operations. An IT partner offers strategic consultation services to ensure that your business is set up to thrive far into the future. Co-managed IT partners can consult on:

  • Cyber insurance
  • Compliance
  • Business continuity
  • Security posture
  • Risk management
  • Lifecycle planning
  • Growth forecasting

Strategic consultations help solidify your IT landscape and ensure regulatory compliance. Your co-managed IT partner will align your IT strategy with your long-term business goals, ensuring sustainable business growth.

Microsoft 365 Tuning and Optimization

Employees are 230% more likely to be engaged at work if they have access to technology that they feel supports their work. Many businesses rely on Microsoft 365, but they aren’t aware of many of the features, or aren’t experienced enough to know how to properly implement them. An outsourced IT partner with specialization in Microsoft 365 can unlock the potential of this immensely powerful platform.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Fusion Managed IT supports your business in taking full advantage of your Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Get Your Business the Support It Needs, No Matter Your IT Situation

A managed IT partner can give a business with no IT foundation the support they need to grow their business. If you already have an in-house IT team, co-managed IT support complements your team and allows them to truly disengage while taking vacations! Co-managed IT teams can also act as a resource for strategic planning and provide additional project capacity.

If you’re overwhelmed by your strategic technology planning and are unsure where to begin, we can help. Fusion Managed IT provides enterprise-level IT solutions to businesses, giving them peace of mind. Our Greenville managed IT services fill in any knowledge gaps that might exist and decreases burnout.

Learn more about how Fusion Managed IT can help your business grow.