What People Are Saying About Greenville IT Support in 2024

As a business leader, you may set goals for the next twelve months at the beginning of the year. Is an encompassing IT strategy a part of your plan this year? If not, it definitely should be.

Technology is leading us away from outdated infrastructure as businesses strive to adopt new technology, train their workers on new tech, and implement long-term IT strategies.

As tech becomes more accessible and begins to reach every corner of organizations, from the boardroom to the front desk, leaders need to stay up to date with IT trends. That’s why we’ve compiled this report about the state of Greenville IT support and beyond in 2024. Let’s discuss what you can focus on in your IT strategy this year.

The Current State of IT Support 

IT Budgets Projected to Grow

The last few years have seen unusual economic uncertainty, and so many businesses are continuing to have a cost-cutting mindset. 

However, IT doesn’t fall into the ‘cost-cutting’ category for many business leaders. Against the backdrop of the economic crisis, 66% of businesses are preparing to increase their spending on IT in 2024. 

While inflation-era policies like higher interest rates typically stop businesses from increasing investments, business leaders cited combating inflation as a reason for investing more money into managed and co-managed IT services.

Source: IT Budgets 2023 vs. 2024: Spiceworks and Aberdeen Research Institute
Source: IT Budgets 2023 vs. 2024: Spiceworks and Aberdeen Research Institute

Businesses Strive to Adopt New Tech

Technological change is happening faster than ever. As we head into 2024, organizations consider new technology as essential spending to replace outdated infrastructure and keep security measures strong. Expect to see investments in automating IT, gigabit WiFi networking, virtual desktop infrastructure, the Internet of Things(IoT), and 5G.

If you’re wondering where AI is on this list, it isn’t far behind. Across all new technology adoption plans, organizations will focus more on edge computing, serverless computing, and AI in the next few years.

Despite the struggle to find skilled IT talent, businesses are still adopting new technology, leading to IT challenges for organizations needing specialized IT skills.

“45% of businesses that modernized and adopted new technologies reported improved ROI for their IT investments. This is also a driver in the rise in IT hiring, as businesses work to reduce challenges in lack of expertise and resources.”

Jim Rapoza, VP and Principal Analyst at Aberdeen

IT Hiring Increases 

Although hiring is slowing down overall, IT services engagement is projected to increase in 2024. Organizations see a high ROI on their investments in IT companies and when they hire skilled IT experts. That’s why hiring is one of the top three things IT budgets will be allocated to this year. By working to increase co-managed IT services (in Greenville and beyond), businesses will seek to reduce the everyday IT challenges they face.

Trends and Innovations in IT

Investments that Provide Long-Term Impact

As organizations see ROI from IT purchases, business leaders will continue to make strategic IT decisions. IT investments will be made with the far-off future in mind and concerning an increased need for cybersecurity and sustainability.

Innovations that support long-term investments include AI risk and security management, implementation of sustainable tech, and cloud platforms.

Technology Becomes More Accessible and Integrated

As tech solutions advance, organizations are expected to implement enterprise solutions like industry cloud platforms that fit their verticals, specific needs, and the day-to-day operations of their workers. Specifically, with the rise of AI and low code or codeless programming applications, it will become more commonplace for everyone to create using technology. We guess that we will continue to see a push towards IT playing a role in overall decision-making in the C-Suite. 

Generative AI and Automation Drive Innovation and Efficiency

Generative AI exploded in 2023. Now, it’s widely adopted to cut down on tasks that eat away at time. AI and automated programs will empower IT leaders and employees to be more efficient. A good example is Microsoft 365, which uses AI for translation in their Teams app and provides “smart suggestions” as you write in their Word Processor.

On the other side, organizations are likely to work on tailoring the buying experience to machine customers. Machine customers are AI-powered buyers who execute human customers’ wishes. Predicted to become a big part of the market over the next few years, IT departments will work to tailor the customer experience to AI-powered buyers. 

“Technology disruptions and socioeconomic uncertainties require a willingness to act boldly and strategically enhance resilience rather than rely on ad hoc responses. IT leaders must ensure calculated risk, and make reliable and durable investments to sustainably enable both internal and external value creation.”

Bart Willemsen, Gartner VP Analyst

Machine customers aren’t the only customers that will benefit however. AI will empower businesses to have more dynamic customer relationships, bringing them a tailored customer service experience. Expect generative AI models to provide customers with proactive advice and quick, efficient solutions in 2024.

What’s to Come for IT Support in 2024?

Cyber Resilience

Cyber resilience will remain a priority for IT support in 2024. With 75% of businesses predicted to be victims of successful cyberattacks in 2023, the ability to bounce back quickly is a high priority for every organization.

Beyond reasonable cybersecurity measures, cyber resilience ensures a business can bounce back quickly from an attack and minimize losses. Automation will support businesses in countering sophisticated cyber attacks this year as cyber resilience remains a top priority. 

Holistic Technical Wellness

Many companies are now struggling with outdated technologies and remnants of a lack of strategic IT planning. For a more cost-effective, future-focused approach, companies are expected to begin to develop integrated IT strategies. It would be no surprise if these included the use of co-managed and managed IT services, as the demand for them is expected to grow. Businesses will take the time to do preventative assessments and prepare for future modernization needs. 

Quantum Computing

As we enter 2024, traditional computing performance is slowing down in relation to many businesses’ moves. Organizations are scaling their computing demands with automation, AI integrations, the Internet of Things(IoT), and even virtual reality applications. Quantum computing is expected to be used in fields like finance, pharmaceuticals, and genetic research and will require skilled IT support for early adopters.

Enjoy the Benefits of Greenville IT Support This Year

Technology should strengthen your business, giving you the tools to provide added value to your customers and grow as a business. We understand that the nitty-gritty of IT can be the last thing you want to devote energy to as a business leader.

That’s where our co-managed IT services come in. We provide enterprise-level Greenville, SC IT support at an accessible cost, handling your technology around the clock so you can focus on what matters the most.

Elevate your IT strategy in 2024 without sacrificing your time by allowing our Greenville-based IT support team to lead your business into the future. Enjoy peace of mind when you partner with Fusion Managed IT!

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