Boosting Business Productivity with Managed IT Services Greenville

You might have noticed that despite incredible advances in digital technology, productivity is wavering. In the United States specifically, productivity has stagnated since 2005. The U.S. workforce’s productivity has grown at a lackluster 1.4%, compared to mid-1900s rates of 2.2%.

With a constant supply of new tech platforms, businesses are focusing their efforts into modernizing their business to address this lack of productivity. In fact, 67% of businesses expect to invest in digitization and technology to drive efficiency.

Part of that investment is going to IT support. IT infrastructure is a large contributor to business productivity, no matter the location of the business, but it’s not always clear how. In this article, we’ll discuss how technology and managed IT services help Greenville businesses (and those beyond!) improve their productivity.

Understanding Productivity in a Modern Business Environment

Your employees are key to your business’ productivity levels. Employees with the proper technology and motivation often produce better business outcomes than other non-engaged employees. Highly engaged teams achieve a 10% difference in customer ratings and an 18% difference in sales!

So how can businesses drive productivity and keep employees engaged? Many are turning to digital transformation, as technology has become a key element for enhancing productivity and helping employees work easier. 

For example, imagine your business did not have a Microsoft 365 license, and your team needed to constantly email files back and forth. This creates a drag on their ability to get work done, and increases their frustration.

Instead, if you adopt Microsoft 365, you will have a streamlined way to share files, communicate, and schedule meetings. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we see this direct productivity effect on our customers who have adopted Microsoft 365. 

How Can Managed IT Services Boost Productivity in My Greenville Business?

While it’s easy to suggest that businesses only need to add technology to their business to improve productivity, it’s another thing to actually do so.

There are a variety of IT support services that businesses can take advantage of, no matter their size. A local IT company can even offer personalized solutions that cater to the specific needs and nuances of your Greenville business.

Each of these service types can help you address common productivity challenges:

  1. Act as your primary IT or supporting IT team: If you have an in-house IT team, working with an outsourced IT provider can free your employees to work on other critical projects.
  2. Backup and disaster recovery: If your critical data is lost in a breach or accident, your team’s productivity will come to a halt. A managed service provider can safeguard your data and ease your worries.
  3. Microsoft 365 & Azure support: Whether you need a data migration, Microsoft 365 training, or a unique cloud solution, IT services have the expertise to guide you.

Even if you only need one of these above services, managed IT services can enhance productivity by revamping your network, lowering employee frustration, and more. But don’t just take our word for it – many Greenville businesses are experiencing the growth that accompanies new technology and their accompanying IT support.

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Real Life Example of Technology Impacting Business Efficiency & Growth

One commercial food service and equipment repair company wanted to modernize their technology platforms. Their goal was to improve the productivity of their internal team and also elevate their customer experience.

After partnering with our local IT service provider in Greenville, they got to work implementing a modern, cloud-based hosted telephony platform. After that, they added a Microsoft 365 platform to help their employees work smarter and better serve their customers. The result was a 250% boom in growth, internal staff, and productivity in the next two to three years.

Want to learn the nitty gritty details of how the business accomplished this? Check out this case study.

[Tech24] grew 250% in the last two and a half years. Without Fusion’s expert IT services and support this would have been very difficult.

Jeff Childers, Chief Information Officer at Tech24

3 FAQs about Managed IT Services

While knowing these service options exist is helpful, understanding how they fit into your growth strategies is not always clear. To address any uncertainty, here are some of the most common questions we see from businesses looking to grow with IT!

1. Would small businesses benefit from an IT partner?

Small businesses might think that only enterprises can increase productivity from an outsourced IT partner, but that is far from the truth. From network security to a reliable IT help-desk, a managed services provider can provide flexibility to meet your small business’ needs and budget.

They can focus on data management and system updates, and let you focus on your team’s growth.

2. I already have Microsoft 365. How can managed IT services boost productivity in my business?

If you already have Microsoft 365, an IT company can perform regular system maintenance and updates. This prevents downtime caused by technical issues. Some IT experts even recommend budget-conscious solutions and technical strategies that improve how your team works together in the long-run.

3. Can outsourced IT help my remote workers improve efficiency?

Yes! An IT partner can implement technologies such as VPNs, cloud platforms, and digital collaboration tools. This makes it easier for employees to work remotely without sacrificing efficiency or security.

With 24/7 support and proactive problem-solving, managed IT services ensure that technical issues don’t interrupt your team’s productivity, no matter where they’re working from.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Quality IT

In a digital world where technology becomes more complex, productivity is more than a buzzword – it’s a fundamental cornerstone of successful business.

As this article explains, restructuring your IT environment with managed IT services is a critical move that businesses in Greenville and beyond must consider. In these uncertain economic times, a reliable IT partner can help businesses focus on what they do best.

Are you ready to invest in your business’ productive future?

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