Debunking Co-Managed IT Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

Many businesses today find themselves grappling with gaps in their technology and IT capabilities, which can hinder their progress toward innovation goals. Despite 80% of executives emphasizing innovation as a priority, a significant gap often exists in actual performance, with less than 10% satisfied with their innovation outcomes.

For companies that already have some level of internal IT functions, the challenge is not just about maintaining existing systems but also enhancing and expanding them to support strategic objectives. Co-managed IT services come into play by filling in the technical and strategic gaps within these existing IT functions. This approach empowers internal IT teams with specialized knowledge and advanced tools, enhancing operational efficiency and contributing to a tangible return on investment.

By offering strategic enhancements to a company’s operations, co-managed IT services improve security, increase scalability, and align IT operations closely with business objectives. Such improvements are directly tied to enhanced revenue and profitability, as more efficient and secure systems enable businesses to respond quicker to market changes and reduce operational risks.

Yet, there are a number of common myths about co-managed IT services that can deter businesses from adopting this transformative approach. In this article, we will debunk these myths, clarify the real benefits of co-managed IT, and demonstrate how integrating these services can significantly advance a company’s IT strategy and overall business objectives.

Myth #1: SMBs Don’t Benefit from Co-Managed IT

Many startups and small businesses prioritize growth and might consider delaying outside IT support until it becomes essential as they expand. It’s commonly thought that internal teams can manage all IT needs until a certain point and that only larger enterprises encounter IT challenges that require comprehensive external management.

Many smaller businesses operate without formal IT support or rely solely on limited internal resources, which may be overstretched or underqualified. This lack of adequate IT support makes SMBs particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks and other technological inefficiencies. Not to mention the impact of cyber attacks is far greater on SMBs with no backup and mitigation plans. This often leads to severe financial loss and consequences. Without proper IT infrastructure, these businesses struggle to maintain security, efficiency, and compliance. It hampers their ability to grow and compete effectively.

Contrary to these misconceptions, co-managed IT services offer scalable solutions that provide support from the outset. External IT experts bring specialized knowledge and tools that can prevent costly downtime and cybersecurity breaches. By leveraging co-managed IT services, SMBs can access the same high-level expertise and resources that larger enterprises enjoy. This includes IT systems that are robust, secure, and capable of supporting business growth from the very beginning.

Co-managed IT helps SMBs focus on their core operations and goals while taking advantage of professional IT management and support. It’s a win-win.

Myth #2: Co-Managed IT Will Replace Your IT Department

Despite the benefits co-managed IT can bring to SMBs, there’s still a common fear that introducing external IT support will lead to job losses within the internal IT team. Some organizations also worry about losing control and insight into the company’s IT infrastructure and strategy. Although these concerns are understandable, they stem from a misconception of how co-managed IT services are structured to function alongside internal teams.

Internal IT staff may indeed view co-managed services with skepticism, fearing redundancy and the potential threat to their job security. This apprehension is largely unfounded.

The goal of co-managed IT is not to replace internal IT teams but to support and improve their capabilities. This partnership allows internal teams to shift their focus from routine maintenance to more strategic projects. This also allows them to leverage the specialized skills and tools provided by external experts.

With businesses facing cyber attacks as often as every other week, co-managed IT services provide crucial checks and balances. These deliver valuable third-party perspectives that enhance overall IT health. Through a collaborative approach, internal IT teams receive the support necessary to address complex challenges and innovate. Offloading routine tasks to external partners helps the internal staff to engage in more complex, growth-oriented projects. 

Myth #3: Co-Managed IT Services Don’t Have the Same Level of Commitment to Your Business Goals

There is a belief that external IT providers are less committed to a business’s long-term success than internal IT staff. This misconception leads to a reluctance to engage co-managed IT services due to fears that external providers may not prioritize the company’s best interests.

The reality is that successful co-managed IT service providers in Greenville prioritize building trust with their clients’ business objectives. These providers typically engage in regular strategy meetings with clients to ensure that IT services are fully aligned with the company’s short-term actions and long-term vision. Maintaining open lines of communication and establishing clear goals means co-managed IT providers can tailor their support to meet the specific needs of each business.

Moreover, the success of co-managed IT providers is directly linked to the success of their clients’ IT operations. This interdependence incentivizes them to offer top-tier service and support – as their reputation and ongoing business rely directly on their clients’ satisfaction and success. Fostering a collaborative and transparent relationship allows co-managed IT services to significantly improve a company’s IT capabilities while ensuring that business goals are consistently met.

“Management and companywide staff can focus on running and growing the business as opposed to being concerned about the threat of data breaches, the benefits of IT patches, and an unlimited series of other threats.”

Forbes Finance Council

Fusion Managed IT, Your Partner in Business-Driven Technology Solutions

Co-managed IT services are not merely an option for enhanced IT management; they are a strategic necessity for businesses aiming to close the gap between technological potential and actual performance. By supplementing internal IT capabilities with specialized knowledge and advanced tools, these services empower existing IT teams, enhance operational efficiency, and directly contribute to increased revenue and profitability.

Now that you understand the myths surrounding co-managed IT, it is clear that these services offer value by aligning IT operations with business objectives, facilitating scalability, and enhancing security. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the strategic advantage provided by co-managed IT, making them better equipped to handle the complexities of today’s digital landscape and more competitive in their respective markets.

We invite you to assess your current operations and consider how co-managed IT can foster growth and innovation within your organization. Schedule a consultation with Fusion Managed IT to explore tailored solutions that fit your business needs. Let us help you turn your IT challenges into opportunities for success.