What Is Cyber Incident Response, and Does My Business Need It?

Cyber incidents are on the rise, and they can have devastating consequences for businesses. Thankfully there are powerful IT strategies for combating and recovering from tech disasters! Cyber incident response is one of them.

What Do We Mean by a Cyber Incident?

A cyber incident is any type of security event that hurts your business, so this could be anything from a ransomware attack or data breach, to an email account being compromised. Cyber incidents can cause serious damage to your business operations, reputation, and bottom line.

Cybercrime alone is costing trillions of dollars and experts predict that it’s going to grow by 15% each year over the next 5 years, leaving us with a global bill of 10.5 trillion by 2025. We love the way that technology makes our lives easier, but it also opens up a whole can of complicated cyber worms.

What Is Cyber Incident Response?

Cyber incident response is the process of identifying, containing, eradicating, and recovering from a security event, as well as taking steps to prevent future incidents. In the event of a cyber incident your business will need to act quickly to minimize the damage.


Once an incident has occurred, you’ll need to investigate what happened and identify the cause. This will help you determine where the vulnerabilities are so you can fix them.


Once the root cause of the incident has been identified, you’ll need to develop a plan to remediate the issue. This could involve patching software, updating configurations, or implementing new security controls.

Incident Response Reports 

After an incident has occurred, you’ll need to generate an incident response report. This will document the steps taken to resolve the issue.

24/7 IT support

To mitigate the risk of future security incidents an around-the-clock Security Operations Center (SOC) is essential. A managed security service provider can provide this level of support alongside other critical security services (i.e., EDR, SIEM, disaster recovery and business continuity, network security, system patching, etc).

Recover from a Cyber Incident with Fusion Managed IT

When you need to recover from a cyber incident, Fusion Managed IT can help!  We’ll get you back on track as we work with you to develop and execute a response plan customized for your IT landscape and the nature of the cyber incident. Contact us today to get started!

Author: James Michalak

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